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  • Mankind’s potential is so much greater than its current capabilities
  • We should strive to produce more than enough to meet everyone’s needs
  • Life (food + water + shelter + health care + education) + Liberty (the rule of law + equal justice) = The Pursuit Of Happiness (prosperity + thriving + wellbeing)
  • The pursuit of happiness necessitates security


That every human can realise their own dreams and reach their full potential



  • Follow the history of every facet of modern life back to the roots and then to the first principles
  • Identify the patterns set by momentum, and we check down the sideroads and blind alleys
  • Check to see if we abandoned certain directions for little or no real reason
  • Strive to find the best possible ways to free humanity from the history of bondage


  • We have found the holy grail of computer science
  • We have created a comprehensive platform from what we have found
  • We are providing what we have found to humanity for the benefit of mankind and our planet

Provably optimizes the performance of any chip’s:

  • Performance
  • Power
  • Cost
  • Therefore applying it to current technology improves performance dramatically
  • Accelerated hardware/software development by orders of magnitude
  • Accelerated hardware/software development plus our IP allows us to develop chips never before seen
  • Tools and IP are applicable to scores of computational verticals